How Do Penis Extenders Work?

Men have been trying to extend the size of their penis for more than 2,000 years. African tribes began practicing a penis extension method called hanging centuries ago. Hanging is done by attaching a weight to a rope and then it is tied behind the tip of the penis and the weight is suspended for a specific length of time. It’s also a form of penis exercise, which increases the stamina and strength of the penis. The main objective however, is to increase the length and width of the penis. Some of the side effects of hanging are impotence, nerve damage and chronic pain, but in spite of those issues, hanging is still practiced today. The modern version of hanging is called a penis extender.

How do penis extenders work?
That’s the question that most men ask when they decide to use some method of extending the length of their penis. Jelqing, clamping, hanging and penis pumps, along with nonprescription herbal supplements are also used to extend the penis size, but penis extenders seem to be the method of choice for a growing number of men. A penis extender is a device that must be worn for six to ten hours a day for at least six months or even longer to see results. Some doctors claim that the penis extender will increase erection size and will enhance sexual enjoyment for both partners.

How Does a Penis Extender work?
Some call the penis extender the modern day medieval torture chamber, while others call it their new best friend. A penis extender applies a slow stretching force to the length of the penis. A man can control the amount of force that’s exerted on the penis by adjusting the two bars that are part of the device. The penis extender has a crib like shape and that area is called the saddle, which supports the base of the penis. There are two telescoping bars on the sides of the penis extender, which have small springs that slowly exert a pulling force on the shaft. At the end of the saddle is a silicon loop. The head of the penis fits into the loop to maintain stability.

The pulling force of the penis extender breaks down and changes the penile tissue in the shaft of the penis. Slowly, new cells start to fill in the space created by the cellular breakdown and this new tissue results in a longer penis. The cells in the penis can hold more blood, which means a larger, firmer and a fuller erection is experienced. Most medical experts agree that using a penis extender may increase the length of the penis, but there are conflicting reports about how permanent it is.

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